Frequently Asked Questions

What length and thickness of metal can you guillotine?

We can cut up to 2450mm in length
The thickness of metal is as follows:

Mild Steel Up to 6mm
Stainless Steel Up to 4mm
Aluminium Up to 6mm


For lengths and thicknesses outside these limits we have access to specialist services that can do this work.

What length and thickness of metal can you bend?

Up to 2400mm in length if < = 6mm thickness

Up to 3000mm in length if < = 3mm thickness

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Can you deliver the completed job to the customer?

Yes.  We can deliver most jobs ourselves within the local area. Large freight or long haul deliveries, will be transported by the most appropriate delivery service. This extra cost will be passed to the customer.

What types of brackets can you manufacture?

We have produced a large range of speciality brackets to date. No customer requests have been beyond our capabilities. We are happy to assist with any special design requirements you may have.

Are you able to produce trolleys or tables suitable for domestic or commercial purposes?

Yes. The majority of tables and trolleys we have produced are for industrial purposes. Where structural soundness and functionality are more important than an attractive finish.  Yet we have also produced many products, including tables and trolleys. Some are for display purposes others for general use are thus finished to produce a pleasing look.  These products are usually either made from stainless steel or powder-coated mild steel.

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I’ve just moved into new commercial premises – can you build a mezzanine floor and install shelving?

Yes. Site work such as this is well within our capability. We can work with you to get the best resulting functionality and design.

I have installed machinery that requires special venting – can you help?

Yes.  We have vast experience in this area. Often clients need specialised ducting or venting facilities for their machine or production areas. We are able to fabricate any shape required.

Can you protect my finished steel product?

Yes. Mild steel is less expensive than stainless steel. It is also quicker to work with.  The majority of work we produce is powder-coated. Some products we produce have other types of protection applied, such as galvanising, gold and silver passivate, or anodising.

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I require a special-purpose shed that is outside the standard dimensions supplied at hardware outlets – can you help?

Yes. We have built several sheds to suit customers’ specific requirements.  If the shed size is transportable, we build it at our workshop and then re-locate to the client site.  Then install the shed. If the shed is too large we pre-fabricate at our workshop and install on-site.

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